Sasha Nevah




Sasha has tousled red hair and mischievous green eyes, and is missing the pinky finger of her left hand. Slender and athletic, Sasha never stands still or stays quiet for long.

Sasha is a Ranger who is skilled at fighting, leading, perceiving, stealth, and handling animals. She is fond of baby animals in particular.

During Combat Sasha fights with a manic smile on her face, giggling at the violence she creates. She prefers to attack with both blades at the same time, but against a foe that’s
hard to hit, she switches to using her rapier one-handed. She is very quick.

She bears a tattoo between her shoulder blades— the symbol of the Red Mantis, a “gift” from her mother before Sasha’s personality made it apparent she could never belong.

Sasha’s optimism and easy laugh border on the manic. Certainly she never stays angry or sad for long, no matter what the circumstances—a trait that tends to unnerve.

Sasha has revealed that her mother is an infamous Red Mantis Assassin, and that she’s learned some combat secrets which she has shared with the party.

Sasha Nevah

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