Jask Derindi- DIED June 27 June 4730




Jask was killed attacking the cannibal camp on Smuggler’s Shiv. His brains were whacked out of his head but a brutal club swing.

Jask was a Cleric of Nethys.

He was aboard the Jenivere as a prisoner. He found the party and quickly warmed to you after allowing him to contribute.

Jask is a middle-aged, plain-looking Garundi man with hair starting to gray and watery eyes.
Personality: Jask is curious and eager, especially when presented with new knowledge, and honest to a fault. He is relieved to have been granted a reprieve from returning to Sargava—this, combined with the fact that he survived the wreck, has made him giddy with delight. Yet as time wears on and the difficulties of life on the Shiv progress, Jask grows increasingly depressed and desperate to escape back to civilization—even if it means going to jail.

One of the incriminating papers he found so long ago indicated that one of his superior’s contacts in the Shackles was a man named Avret Kinkarian. Kinkarian’s ship, the Brine Demon, reputedly wrecked here on Smuggler’s Shiv. He knows it’s a long shot, but
Jask would love to track the ship down and explore the wreck on the off chance there could be more evidence somewhere aboard to prove his innocence.

The party actually found the ship and found the papers which would prove Jask’s innocence.

Jask Derindi- DIED June 27 June 4730

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