Gelik Aberwhinge- DIED 12 May 4730




Gelik died crossing the waters off Smuggler’s Shiv. A hungry Octopus grabbed him and pulled him under, where he suffocated and died.

Gelik was a Bard.

Gelik is a spry, energetic gnome with blond hair and a neat goatee. He dresses like a noble at all times (“If you can’t take the time to dress properly, no one will take what you have to say seriously—and they’d be right not to!”). With liberal use of prestidigitation, his fine
clothes always seem freshly cleaned. Only the ink stains on his fingers break the illusion of
a proper gnome nobleman (“If you don’t have ink stains on your fingers, no one will take your writing seriously—and they’d be right not to!”).

Gelik is quick-witted and a talented speaker. Unfortunately, he has a mean streak when it
comes to the misfortunes of others—he often simply can’t help himself from making a snide comment or a scathing remark at another’s expense.

Gelik knows of an old story about a Pathfinder Society ship called the Nightvoice that went missing in these waters, and the most popular theory as to what happened is that the ship ran aground on Smuggler’s Shiv or sank near the island.

Gelik Aberwhinge- DIED 12 May 4730

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